July 9, 2014

Even though we highlighted on SEO in our previous edition, we would like to reemphasis on the importance of SEO and how it works.

Being ranked on the first or second page of Google allows companies to receive more visitors and consequently generate more leads and/or sales. Google has changed significantly since they first launched. Their search engine has become infinitely more powerful (and complex), with more than 500 algorithms driving the way it ranks trillions of web pages that exist in its humongous index. And this situation is not constant. They make adjustments to their ranking formula all the time — hundred of times every year!
Hence, SEO is not a “quick fix”, it has to be a part of a company’s mid to long-term on-line policy! This in particular if you’re web site is considered as one of your mayor lead and revenue generator.

In many cases, companies are trying to keep offline and online channels artificially separated into watertight compartments. Big mistake!
Online marketing can easily drive offline sales. Consider that Google has become the primary source of new prospects for many brick-and-mortar businesses around the world. Searches carried out on mobile devices are discovering locally available products and services, generating more business and leading to windfall profits for any company smart enough to take advantage of this opportunity.

SEO is an excellent way to manage your online presence in search engines.
When talking about SEO we are looking at off and on page SEO. Both are equally important. If you engaged in an SEO campaign before and were never asked to submit minimum one article per month, chances are that the off page SEO was never really looked at. Hence the campaign was only concentrating on back linking and on page optimization. Back linking is still the backbone of SEO. However, Google is “punishing” companies who generate quickly a thousand or more back links, which might not have any relevance to your business. The creation of valid and strong back links will take time and can last for several months. Even once an adequate amount of back links was established these have to be reviewed periodically and further enhanced with additional once.
Also note that your business might be researched via 20 to 30 key search words or phrases. To list your company with all major key words/phrases on the first page needs a lot of work and time..